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Michelle – Owner

Hello, I’m Michelle the designer behind My Little Plumcake. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband and two children.
I have always been the crafty type. I come from a long line of wonderfully creative women. I was lucky enough to be taught the wonderful skill of sewing at age 8 by my Mother. I remember watching her sew my dance recital costumes as a child. Often, ending up sewing for most of my class to help pay for my lessons.
I love, love, love fabric!! I would rather shop at a fabric store hands down any day than a shoe store. Most of my friends think I am crazy.
I started My Little Plumcake once my daughter Hannah was born (she is my second). At that time, I made the decision to stay at home with my children. I started creating outfits for her, and it became a wonderful outlet for me. My wheels kept on turning, and My Little Plumcake was born in 2011.
I truly enjoy designing. I enjoy seeing pictures of what other fabulous women have created from my designs. Most of all, I love the connections I have made with other women who think sewing is as cool as I do.
Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you can stay awhile!


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