Sewing Snack: My Valentine’s Little Plum[short]cake

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and you may be struggling with the dessert portion of your special lovey dovey dinner that you’ve planned specially for your Valentine.  Well, I’m back to smother you with sweetness. Everyone knows that I love chocolate, but I do like sweet things that exist without chocolate (although, I don’t know anything that can exist without chocolate).  After  thinking and thinking, I came up with this recipe.  It’s easy, it’s theme-y and it’s so DELISH.

I call it “My Valentine’s Little Plum[short]cake”


Here’s what you do!

First, start by making some shortbread.  I used the shortcake portion of this recipe and I cannot rave enough about it!  I’ve never made shortbread before and I was certain that I was going to mess it up.  I didn’t!  And they were perfect.   Instead of cutting them into circles, I cut them into hearts before putting them in the oven. I made some big hearts and then an equal amount of small hearts for a little pizazz.  I also cut them thinner than the recipe calls for.  3” thick patties were a bit too much shortbread for my taste.  I cut them a little over ¼” thick and they were great.

Shortcake Dough

Next, I whipped up the cream.  I made it up all by myself.  It was kind of an accident.  I was trying to make a fruit dip recipe I had, but I couldn’t find it on my Pinterest…my food boards are out of control.  I thought I had the ingredients right, but nope.  It’s soooo good though and I’m grateful for the mistake.  Here’s how to make it



8 Oz of Cream cheese, softened

¼ cup heavy whipping cream

One 8 oz container of Cool Whip- thawed, not frozen

¼ Cup milk

1 packet of instant vanilla pudding mix


Cream together the cream cheese with ¼ cup whipping cream.   Mix in the Cool Whip and ¼ cup milk gradually switching off- a little bit of this, then a little bit of that.  Mix in the vanilla pudding mix.  That’s it!  It’s supposed to be on the thicker side like a spread, but if it’s too thick for you feel free to add little bits of milk until you reach a consistency that you like.    Here’s what you should have. MMMMMM


P.S. this makes a LOT of cream.  You can probably half it if you want to. But I’ll find other uses for the rest I’m sure.  It’ll hold in the refrigerator for a few says.  Use your discretion on the amount of time you keep it…it has dairy, so definitely refrigerate between uses.

Now grab a jar of Red Plum Jam.  I found it at the regular grocery store in the jam section.  You can use any kind you like, but for mine, I went with plum and it was GOOOOOOOD.


Assemble this bad boy!

Melt the jelly by either heating on the stove top on low heat in a sauce pan, or by microwaving it in a glass dish at 10-15 second intervals.  Pour the Jelly on the large shortcake heart.  Add some cream to the top using a cake piping bag or a freezer bag with a hole cut in the bottom.  Now, place your smaller shortcake heart on top and drizzle more jam for a finishing touch.

Shortcake Assembly Collage

Make sure to add an extra dollop of cream if you want…why not?


I really hope you enjoy this special Valentine’s Day treat.  It’s so flippin’ tasty and my entire family LOVED it.  It’s so versatile too!  You can change up the cream by changing your pudding mix flavors.  You can use any flavor of jam or even substitute it for a covering of chocolate or caramel…mmmmm.  Make it how you like it!

We hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with the ones you love.  We will ❤

-Michelle & Crystal-

Tutorial: The Cordelia DRESS

We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day here at My Little Plumcake, and we’re going to help you get ready, too!  Our pattern of the month is the Cordelia Peplum top, so that’s the pattern we’re working with today.  We want very dearly for you to “Be Mine” so we’ve put together a tutorial, tied it onto one of cupid’s arrows and aimed it at you. Here’s the Cordelia DRESS tutorial! YAY!  We hope you’ll be our sweetheart (because of the neckline…get it?)


We’re offering 2 different versions for you…a double and single layer skirt.  Pick the one that has your heart and get ready to sew!

Cordelia Dress3

The first step in this process is to make the bodice just like the instructions say to.

Once you’re finished, try the bodice on your little one and measure from the bottom of the bodice to where you want the dress length to be.  Now take that number, add in a hem allowance of ½” and a seam allowance (for where the skirt attaches to the bodice) of 3/8” to the  length.

My model was being horrible and I couldn’t get good shots

Cordelia Dress7

So lets use this model…


FOR DOUBLE LAYER: This is where we break off into the 2 variations.  If you are doing the double layer dress, cut out your peplum skirt pieces before moving on to the next step. For a single layer, you will NOT need to cut out  these peplum pieces.

Take your peplum pattern piece and extend the pattern by adding paper to the bottom.  Starting from the top corner of your pattern piece, line up your ruler flush with the top and measure your full dress-length. Draw a line straight down and another across. Cut out your new skirt pattern. Woo hoo!  Now, go ahead and cut out those skirt pieces.

Cordelia Dress8

For SINGLE layer: You should have 2 long skirt pieces and a completed bodice

For DOUBLE Layer: You should have 2 peplum, 2 skirt pieces and a completed bodice.

Sew up the skirt (and peplum) pieces on the sides and hem as per the tutorial. You’ll have this:


FOR DOUBLE LAYER: Now layer the skirts and pin the raw edges together lining up side seams with wrong side to right side.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

For BOTH versions: Baste gathering lines at the top of your skirt per the tutorial, pull the strings to make it gather and attach as instructed.  YEP!  It’s just that easy!


Now your little sweetheart is ready to spread some love ❤

Cordelia Dress6
Thank you so much for your purchase of the Cordelia pattern.  We LOVE our customers and enjoy bringing you these types of tutorials.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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